Lily Dale and East Coast Tour Dates Postponed

Due to an urgent family medical situation, Jill Tracy sadly must postpone her August 3 concert in Lily Dale, NY, as well as subsequent summer 2023 East Coast dates. We'll keep you updated with further developments. 
But please understand silence…

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Jill Tracy Feature in Los Angeles Daily News

Jill Tracy talks with the Los Angeles Daily News about her otherworldly experiences capturing sonic spirits in The Secret Music of Lily Dale. This interview appeared as Sunday Cover Story in the print edition. 

New Award-Winning Animation: Dark Tryst

Jill Tracy's music scores an evocative, chilling new vampire film Dark Tryst, a collaboration with acclaimed horror writer Bradley Harper, and animator Zan Korene (Digital Garden.)

Winning the Super Short Film category in both the Paris Film Awards

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"The Secret Music of Lily Dale" is Revealed

Your backstage pass beyond the veil...
A rare peek inside the little town that talks to the dead— with both sights and sounds...

Full length music album + companion hardbound book

An unprecedented project, Jill Tracy reveals a sonic exploration…

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