from the outside...

“Jill Tracy is known for creating an enthrallingly dark and moody performance atmosphere…the seductive singer. storyteller and pianist transports you on a journey to the dark side…get lost in her beautiful world of mystique."  
—TIME OUT Magazine


“Equal parts performance artist, filmmaker, musician, and bad-ass icon…Fear not, Jill Tracy is here to deliver us.” 


"the femme fatale for the thinking man"


"Jill Tracy is the cult darling of the Underworld"


“Drop dead original and dark as a drowning pool… 
I sometimes wonder if Jill Tracy is actually a ghost.” 


“When you hear Jill Tracy’s lush, sultry voice and experience the spooky melancholy of her lyrics, you’re hooked…you can’t escape the haunting and seductive powers of her macabre torch songs. As you listen, your will is no longer your own.” 


“Extraordinary. You could get drawn in (or drawn and quartered) by Jill Tracy...her elegant voice is a sultry moan, a breathy purr, a throaty siren’s call. Tracy has a spine-tingling signature sound that’s distinct and consistent without becoming monotonous, novel without becoming merely a novelty. She also does a mean version of “Paint it Black.” 


“With an affinity for darkness, but with melodic forms that express twisted romance, Jill Tracy evokes soundtracks by Bernard Hermann (the accomplice of Alfred Hitchcock) and songs that move with shivery cinematic suspense, amidst tales of lost grandeur. Works of languid beauty…Exquisite.” 


“Think of Jill Tracy’s music as the soundtrack for Union Station filmed in black and white during the eerie build-up to a startlingly romantic plot twist. Describing her sound as “the elegant side of the netherworld,” Tracy has a voice that prompts images of spirits haunting art deco hallways and a knack for writing songs that unfold like the story lines of F.W. Murnau movies that were never made.” 


“one clever vamp” 


“Resembling the lovechild of H.H. Holmes and a silent era siren, when it comes to dark music there is only one Jill Tracy. As a singer, pianist, and performer, she conjures a timeless netherworld that opens up the portals to forgotten places; nightmarish, magickal, bathed in perpetual twilight…Jill Tracy has gone from strength to strength, gathering worldwide acclaim. Constantly evolving, tirelessly, endlessly, she is a creative force to be reckoned with.”  


“The vamp’s vamp!  All velvet purr and black key shivers, the Duchess of Noir. Jill Tracy’s piano playing is magical, so sensitive and beautiful, it blows me away.” 
DAVID J  (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets)


“Jill Tracy has a voice that is pure, triple-distilled, weapons-level sex.” 


“The Jill Tracy Experience. Not just fit for musicians or music buffs, she also consistently receives praise from film and theater directors, fine artists and authors. What they all have in common is an appreciation for her desire to keep, in her words, ‘the dark corners of history alive.’ ” 


“Profoundly beautiful, Jill Tracy is a magical masterful storyteller.” 
—BONS VICIUS (Portugal)


"an elegant and mysterious siren."   


“Superior artists don’t need complexity. They can move you with just their presence and an instrument, which she plays here with subtle shadings of tempo and dynamics, and sophisticated dissonant harmonies. 
Let us pray for the pandemic to end, and for Jill Tracy to continue to create these sublime piano instrumentals.” 
—NPR Hearts of Space host/producer STEPHEN HILL




“Jill Tracy is utterly intriguing. She transports you into a magical world solely of her creation.” 


“Jill Tracy creates an elegant netherworld both seductive and terrifying.” 


“Jill Tracy—I thank you for your deliriously sweet and evil musical beauty, your unique talent and independent strength in these, the days of not only the Dumbing Down Of America, but the profoundly redundant state of music in general.”  


“Like latter-day Marianne Faithfull and Marlene Dietrich, Jill Tracy knows her ouevre and her audience- it would appear she lives the life of which she sings and isn’t just playing dress up (her wan visage would fit nicely onto one of Tim Burton’s storyboards). Though it’s been suggested she hints at everything from Eric Satie to the Cure, with her dark parlour piano and a voice that slays as soon as it soothes, Tracy doesn’t really sound like anyone but herself, and it's stunning."


“Rooted in film, Jill Tracy’s musical career keeps returning her, darkly, to the screen… Inspired musically by Hitchcock composer Bernard Hermann, and visually by the shadowy black and white imagery of film noir, Jean Cocteau, F.W. Murnau and Fritz Lang,  Jill Tracy combines a dramatic piano style with seductive, perfectly enunciated captivating vocals. Jill Tracy radiates intelligence with a sophisticated, eerie sensibility… Classical, timeless.” 


“It’s nice to have discovered another artist of depth and substance, especially in an age where it’s easy to feel that almost none still exist… Jill Tracy: ‘the elegant side of the netherworld’—maybe ‘netherworld’ has replaced ‘underground’ now. No wonder (Jello) Biafra had raved to me about her. The new music of the future will give us history lessons, and restore to us our lost authentic emotionality, in an age which J.G. Ballard has described as ‘the death of affect.’ The death of authentic emotionality and emotional response, indeed… NOT YET—not as long as a handful of people like Jill Tracy, Jello Biafra, Nick Cave, Henry Rollins, and Lydia Lunch keep ‘kicking against the pri-cks’ (to paraphrase Shakespeare). And handing us reasons to still keep living and deciphering what we really feel…” 


“stunning…Jill Tracy is a Marlene Dietrich-esque underground icon.”  


“Nobody does DARK like Jill Tracy” —TV Tropes


"Jill Tracy sounds wonderful. Her piano gives me flashbacks to Keith Jarrett who is one of my favs." 
—JAMES WILLIAMSON, guitarist (Iggy Pop and The Stooges)


“Jill Tracy is a Bay Area treasure…like Grafeo coffee, Scharffen Berger chocolates, and fine Napa Cabernets.” 


“Chanteuse fatale Jill Tracy has become the icon of the dark glam scene.” 

"Beneath the breathy vocals and the force and filigree of Jill Tracy’s original piano lines lurks cold steel — the woman has guts to spare, creating something so distinctive amidst the corporate musical mediocrity that’s poisoning the culture. Jill Tracy is a wonderful antidote to that poison. Play this one late at night. See if you can find your way out alive.” 
—EDDIE MULLER, (author, host, Noir Alley (TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES)


“‘femme fatale for the thinking man’—Jill Tracy is a musical sorceress, evocateur, intrigante, woman of mystery, ‘dark Queen of Melancholia,’…she aspires to transport her listeners to another world — one she calls the “elegant netherworld.” 


“So beautiful…truly talented… Jill Tracy’s music opens pictures in the mind. I love the melodic structure, and the style. Its a perfect mood music. 
Her piano tracks are like a ghostly “Pearl” (Brian Eno / Harold Budd,) but unique in their mysterious nature that open that same door. I could cry, but there seems to be a mystery that I am seeking answer, but also by expressing the solitude. In some ways makes me think of those Italian made Warhol films.”
—cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy)