Whispers From Beyond? Jill Tracy Talks Séances and Spirit Trumpets in Collectors Weekly

“Ghost in the Machines: The Devices and Daring Mediums That Spoke for the Dead.” Discussing her fascination with the history of séance and spirit talking devices, Jill Tracy is honored to be part of this compelling exploration by Lisa Hix for Collectors Weekly. She is shown here with a rare antique spirit trumpet, part of the vast collection of Spriitualism expert Brandon Hodge (creator of Mysterious Planchette) in Austin.

In honor of the dark season, we pull this article from the Collector's Weekly archives. A splendidly spooky read. Enjoy!

Read it HERE.

(Above:) An image of a ghost at a séance in the May 12, 1888, edition of “Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper.” (Via MysteriousPlanchette.com)