Jill Tracy in Conversation on Peculiar Book Club: Now on YouTube

A lively, fascinating exploration into the spirit world— as Jill Tracy talks with author Brandy Schillace about her residency in the historical little New York "town that talks to the dead,” late-night piano sessions and mystical field recordings that became her elegant album and companion book The Secret Music of Lily Dale.

Jill Tracy shares (for the first time) her behind the scenes video, giving a rare glimpse inside the private community of mediums and Spiritualists, which was founded in 1879.

She discusses her life-long devotion to the mysterious, how mediums helped pave the way for Women's Rights, and how vibrational energy (and music) is the constant direct connection that defies time and realm. And The Twilight Zone!  

Originally live streamed, view the archived video now on the Peculiar Book Club YouTube Channel. (You'll also find the link on the Jill Tracy YouTube Channel.)

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