Nighttime Concert and Sonic Séance FRIDAY the 13th at San Francisco Botanical Garden

(***This show is now SOLD OUT, thank you!) Accompany Jill Tracy FRIDAY the 13th for an alluring night of music, magic, and tales (including a sonic séance) as she returns to San Francisco Botanical Garden, July 13,2018.

Long considered a harbinger of trepidation and superstition, this legendary date is also regarded as a powerful occurrence— opening magical portals into other realms. Honor the mystery and lore of Friday, April 13 as we tour the poisonous plants, and full concert in the Garden of Fragrance. A full sensory onslaught! (Did you know the sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic system, the part of the brain where emotion and memory are centered? A scent is transportive (just like music) and so much more powerful than we realize.) 

(Photo of Jill Tracy performing in SF Botanical Gardens by David Allen)

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