Two New Dark Piano Pieces Unveiled: “Seclusion 22” and “Whispers Behind the Glass”

Join me July 3 to unveil “Seclusion 22” and “Whispers Behind the Glass.” I daresay these are already two of my FAVORITE pieces of all time! They are brooding, dissonant, yet elegant (my trademark)— capturing the mood of our unsettling new existence.
Come listen, and purchase the music with your donation.

These are strange and surreal new times… 
Months into the coronavirus lockdown, the constant “shelter-in-place” has inflicted an unprecedented uncertainty, disillusionment, fear, paranoia, and melancholy. 

“Seclusion 22” and “Whispers Behind the Glass” are dark piano pieces (I recorded late at night in self-isolation) evoking the confinement, desolation, madness, and erotic longing. 

We have been forced to create our own secret, secluded new worlds. 
This is your lush accompaniment. Your own Night Music. 


“Jill Tracy is the Queen of taking her listeners into another realm” 

“Jill Tracy creates an elegant netherworld both seductive and terrifying.”