A Doorway Between Worlds... Portraits from the Ghost Light Sessions

There is a world known and a world unknown. In between, there is a door...

The Dark Season reveals itself as last. The air chills and sharpens, our senses quicken. 
It's a perfect time to share the beautifully eerie portraits I created with photographer David Allen for his Ghost Light series. 

These were shot at the end of 2019, right before the world changed forever. 
I have an extra appreciation for them now, their cinematic mystery and enchanting diaphanous quality evoke a feeling we desperately need to inhabit again. A portal, a magical realm, an escape from our perceived and binding "reality."

After all, our reality is only what we choose to experience at any given moment. 
It's time again to believe in something more.

Here are more of my favorites from that day...