Jill Tracy Presents a Sonic Séance in the Ancient Redwoods, July 22, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Join Jill Tracy in the ancient redwoods for a nighttime sonic séance in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. She is thrilled to present this as part of NightGarden Piano, July 22 (7:30pm-10:30pm) where beautifully-lit pathways guide visitors to wonderful hidden pianists at twilight in the Botanical Gardens. Stroll, enjoy food and drinks in heated refreshment areas. Find her lurking at a grand piano deep in the redwoods grove—some of these magnificent trees are centuries old. This will be majestic and powerful for all of us—the true music found deep in the woods. 

She will also perform live at Zellerbach Garden for the marvelous Flower Piano series July 23 at 1pm. A rare daylight appearance!

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