“Profoundly beautiful, Jill Tracy is a magical masterful storyteller.”
BONS VICIUS (Portugal)

“The Jill Tracy Experience. Not just fit for musicians or music buffs,
she also consistently receives praise from film and theater directors,
fine artists and authors. What they all have in common is an appreciation
for her desire to keep, in her words, ‘the dark corners of history alive.’ ”

Jill Tracy has been a contributing writer to Morbid Curiosity Magazine. Her short story “The Keeper of the Shop” was selected for Scribner’s Best-Of anthology Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues showcasing the best tales from the magazine’s 10 year run.

Morbid Curiosity Magazine’s creator/editor Loren Rhoads interviews Jill Tracy about her own adventures on the dark side.

Read the interview HERE.

“You should probably jump at any chance you get to expose yourself to the work of cabaret artist Jill Tracy, who contributes my favorite essay in Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues. It has nothing to do with music and it’s still awesome…Her tale “The Keeper of the Shop” is a sweet and sad little story about friendships, and meanings found in seemingly insignificant objects.”



Jill Tracy’s song “Evil Night Together” won the Artists for Literacy Foundation‘s  SIBL (Songs Inspired By Literature) international grand prize.

She wrote the foreward for Maria Alexander’s 2011 poetry book At Louche Ends (Burning Effigy Press,) recalling her decadent days performing among the then-illegal absinthe underworld.

Jill Tracy has been nominated for two California Music Awards, SF Weekly Music Awards and has been named “Best of the Bay.”

She has been a guest blogger on various websites, and a book is in the works.

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