“Equal parts performance artist, storyteller, filmmaker, musician,
and bad-ass icon…Fear not, Jill Tracy is here to deliver us.” SFist

“Jill Tracy is the cult darling of the Underworld.” LA WEEKLY

Jill Tracy’s public speaking and storytelling appearances have been a hit, whether on a fun, fiery panel discussion, or as a compelling one-woman show.
(Who can forget Jill Tracy live on Sirius Radio educating Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider on the finer points of ancient torture devices? )

Her passion for peculiar history stories, science, and mysterious lore—coupled with her outrageous true-life tales amidst the challenging and endearing world of the independent artist—and believing in your dream no matter what—compel, inspire, and resonate with audiences of all ages.

Some stories hilarious, some heart-breaking, all cut to the quick of the soul–and the struggle of “being yourself in a world that is trying its hardest to turn you into everybody else.”

After years of industry executives telling Jill Tracy she needed to “dumb down,” that she was “too unique,” “too elegant and poetic,” she walked away and never looked back. She built her own little kingdom, completely independent, honoring her vision, her beliefs, and her audience.

“I knew I couldn’t go in the front door, not even the back door–so I built TRAP doors,” she muses. “YOU must create your world, not the other way around.”

As the music industry paradigm now crumbles around her, Jill Tracy has become a beacon to a legion of fervid fans, fellow DIY artists, and kindred spirits. She is a testament to pursuing your passions at all costs, honoring your gut feeling, living life authentically, with meaning, and without compromise.

Jill Tracy at the 2011 San Francisco Silent Film Festival

From V.Vale, RE/Search PUBLICATIONS:
“It’s nice to have discovered another artist of depth and substance, especially in an age where it’s easy to feel that almost none still exist… Jill Tracy: ‘the elegant side of the netherworld’—maybe ‘netherworld’ has replaced ‘underground’ now. No wonder (Jello) Biafra had raved to me about her. The new music of the future will give us history lessons, and restore to us our lost authentic emotionality, in an age which J.G. Ballard has described as ‘the death of affect.’ The death of authentic emotionality and emotional response, indeed… NOT YET—not as long as a handful of people like Jill Tracy, Jello Biafra, Nick Cave, Henry Rollins, and Lydia Lunch keep ‘kicking against the pri-cks’ (to paraphrase Shakespeare). And handing us reasons to still keep living and deciphering what we really feel…”

from SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN, Best of the Bay awards issue:
“There’s just something about the inimitable Jill Tracy that makes us swoon like a passel of naive gothic horror heroines in too-tight corsets. Is it her husky midnight lover’s croon, her deceptively delicate visage, her vintage sensibilities? Who else could have written the definitive elegy on the “fine art of poisoning,” composed a hauntingly lush live score for F.W. Murnau’s classic silent film Nosferatu, joined forces with that merry band of bloodthirsty malcontents, Thrillpeddlers, and still somehow remain a shining beacon of almost beatific grace? Part tough-as-nails film fatale, part funeral parlor pianist, Tracy manages to adopt many facades yet remain ever and only herself—a precarious and delicious balancing act.”

“Jill Tracy—I thank you for your deliriously sweet and evil musical beauty, your unique talent and independent strength in these, the days of not only the Dumbing Down Of America, but the profoundly redundant state of music in general.”

Jill Tracy signs autographs and greets the crowd in Portugal.

Her speaking appearances have included Litquake, Noir City Film Festival, San Francisco Silent Film Festival, Hollywood Film Noir Festival, Film Noir Foundation, Slamdance, New Orleans Film Festival, KPFA, Porchlight Storytelling Series, Historical Oakland Cemetery (Atlanta), New Orleans Vampire Film Festival, San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, Sacramento Horror Film Festival, Tokyo in Tulsa, San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum, Fangoria Radio, The Hypnodrome, V. Vale’s RE/Search Publications, Morbid Curiosity Magazine, Artists for Literacy, BAY-TV, Sirius Radio, and more.

Known for her distinctive sultry, yet sophisticated style, Jill Tracy has done voiceovers for feature films, books on tape, commercials, documentaries, industrials, animation, character and cartoon voices, tours, narrations, and radio show host. Clients have included NBC-TV, USA Network, PBS, FOX Searchlight, Sirius Radio, Wiley Publishing, eNature, On the Air NY, Phone Programs, Inc, Crutch Films, Pivotal Eye, Bay-TV, KOFY-TV 20, KALW, KPFA, and more.

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