Film & TV

Jill Tracy’s music has been featured in both film and television, including CBS hit show Navy NCIS, PBS, ION Network, NBC-TV; feature films In the Wake, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Heavy Put-Away, The Devil’s Muse (an homage to Elizabeth Short, The Black Dahlia), Ice Cream Ants. She has scored a variety of award-winning independent films and live cinema presentations. Jill Tracy owns copyright and publishing to all her works. So, it’s quick one-stop approval. Have a project that would be perfect for her music? (MORE)

A Musical Séance

Every object holds a story…
Jill Tracy and violinist Paul Mercer have become widely known for their astonishing duets on piano and violin, mostly improvised or channeled–and completely driven by the audience’s cherished artifacts they bring to the show. The pair affectionately refer to these intimate live performances as “spontaneous musical combustion.” Their uncanny ability to conjure unsettlingly lavish compositions has led to spellbinding results, eerily transporting the room, and its rapt audience. (MORE)

Public Speaking

Hailed a “femme fatale for the thinking man,” Jill Tracy’s public speaking and storytelling appearances have been a hit, whether on a fun, fiery panel discussion, or as a compelling one-woman show. Her passion for peculiar history, science, and mysterious lore—coupled with her outrageous true-life tales amidst the strange, difficult, and endearing world of the independent artist—and believing in your dream no matter what—compel, inspire and resonate with audiences of all ages. (MORE)


Known for her distinctive sultry, yet sophisticated style, Jill Tracy has done voiceovers for feature films, books on tape, commercials, documentaries, animation, tours, narrations, and been a radio show host. Clients have included USA Network, Wiley Publishing, eNature, On the Air NY, Crutch Films, Pivotal Eye, PBS, FOX Searchlight, and more. Have a project in mind? (MORE)

Written Works

In addition to her acclaimed song lyrics, Jill Tracy has been a contributing writer to Morbid Curiosity Magazine. Her short story “The Keeper of the Shop” was selected for Scribner’s Best-Of anthology Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues. Jill Tracy wrote the foreward for Maria Alexander’s new book At Louche Ends (Burning Effigy Press.) She has been a guest blogger on various websites, and a book is in the works. (MORE)


Jill Tracy has collaborated with a vast array of iconic artists—including award-winning filmmaker Bill Domonkos, David J (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets), author Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket),  cult violinist Paul Mercer, Thrillpeddlers Grand Guignol,  theremin virtuoso Armen Ra, author/historian Mel Gordon (Voluptuous Panic), Film Noir Foundation founder Eddie Muller,  UK  filmscore composer Stephen Horne, Vau de Vire Society. (MORE)