SWAN SONG 2011: The Year in Review

Indulge in the great new BLOG: “Swan Song 2011,” featuring Jill Tracy’s favorite moments of the year, commentary, and LOTS of previously unseen PHOTOS! Including collaborations with Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket), David J (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets), UK composer Stephen Horne, photographer Audrey Penven, San Francisco Silent Film Festival, Conservatory of Flowers and Wicked Plants author Amy Stewart, Edwardian Ball,  plus conjuring the musical spirits within Victoria’s famed Craigdarroch Castle, videos, recordings… and MORE. So glad you were along for the ride.


Spontaneous Musical Combustion! 39 rooms, 87 steps, 4 floors, 18 fireplaces, a tower and a tormented past. Jill Tracy shares her tale of conjuring the musical spirits within one of Victoria, British Columbia‘s legendary landmarks- the sumptuous 1890 Craigdarroch Castle! Read all about it HERE.


“Like Marilyn Manson, pretty much any songs by Jill Tracy will serve to send shivers down your spine. In fact, we’d like to officially dub her “the diva of darkness.” Her vampire voice is gothic-ornate in its eeriness, yet ravishing in its chilling charm.” Read MORE.



NPR’s Hearts of Space devotes an entire show to the music of JILL TRACY.

We consider Jill Tracy a Bay Area treasure…like Grafeo coffee, Scharffen Berger chocolates, and fine Napa Cabernets.

As a lyricist and songwriter, Jill Tracy plies the literary currents popularized by Edgar Allen Poe, Bram Stoker, Edward Gorey and other 19th and 20th century storytellers of the netherworld: spinners of tales of the mysterious, the strange, and the macabre.

Her sound begins with an unadorned dark cabaret trio of contrabass, drums and parlor piano; it expands on recordings into the Malcontent Orchestra violin, viola, cello, and low woodwinds, plus guitar, Chapman stick, electric bass, harmonium and the odd sarod. She calls it “post-Classical Noir” and glams, goths and Dark Romantics of all ages love her with a crimson passion.”
NPR’s Hearts of Space

Says renowned producer Stephen Hill, host of the beloved, long-running NPR radio show: “On October 28 through November 4, we will be devoting the entirety of its 2011 Halloween week program to a sublime, soul-stretching program of the music of San Francisco’s Dark Diva called Haunted– a Jill Tracy Conjuration.”

The show will be crafted for Hearts of Space listeners, concentrating more on Jill Tracy’s instrumentals, film score work, and haunting, ambient songs.
Her music has indeed been featured on HOS in the past, but never an ENTIRE PROGRAM!

The show will be heard on over 200 NPR stations mostly over the October 29/30 weekend, and available free for on-demand streaming on the website all day Sunday, October 30th (after registration).


JILL TRACY featured on FEARnet

“Amazing, threatening piano lines…haunting, surreal and sensual…The multi-talented composer/performer Jill Tracy returns…” Read the FULL story plus videos on FEARnet.



Jill Tracy returns to the Sacramento Horror Film Festival at the historical Colonial Theater Thursday, Oct 20 at 8pm for “The Elegant Dark with Jill Tracy,” an entire evening featuring her short film collaborations, stories, Q&A and a full music concert!
Screenings will include the premiere of the new sci-fi suspense NERVOUS96 (director Bill Domonkos), and the rarely seen award-winning surreal noir Ice Cream Ants, (director Jeremy Carr) which stars Jill Tracy as an evil seductress alongside the legendary Tom Noonan and Marcus Ashley. Don’t miss this unique opportunity! One night only!



“It’s quite an elaborate scheme, the fine art of poisoning” Jill Tracy

Jill Tracy has teamed up with the wondrous San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers and Wicked Plants author Amy Stewart to produce an evening of toxic indulgence in “The Fine Art of Poisoning: Perils, Pleasures and Protocols.” Weds, Oct 19. 6pm-10pm.

As night falls chanteuse Jill Tracy will divulge true perils from the plant kingdom. She will weave a web of cautionary tales, lusty murderous obsessions, and shadowy stories of secretly-served revenge. Part of the performance will actually take place in the poison garden! Seating is limited. 


IN LACE SHADOWS: Portraits of Jill Tracy by Audrey Penven

Late night tales from a third floor landing…
It’s got everyone talking: how’d they DO that? Read the story behind this haunting and inventive photo shoot, and see the new shots in the BLOG.

Jill Tracy performs in 1890 Haunted Castle- Sept 24!

Not to be missed! What’s more perfect than Jill Tracy conjuring the musical spirits within the ornate corridors of the legendary Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, British Columbia? Join her up in the dazzling North with a splendid array of artists at Victoria Steam Expo Sept 24.


Jill Tracy in At Louche Ends

The book is out! Jill Tracy pens the forward for Maria Alexander’s decadent and deadly collection of absinthe-inspired prose At Louche Ends (Burning Effigy Press) recalling her days performing in the then-illegal emerald underworld. Even more enticement to order your own copy: NYC artist Katelan Foisy’s gorgeous painting on the cover!


Sell My Soul” is official song for Graveminder

New York Times best-selling author Melissa Marr named Jill Tracy’s “Sell My Soul” as the official song for her new novel Graveminder . Marr says she listened to the tune on endless repeat for inspiration, especially while creating scenes in the Land of the Dead. Jill Tracy will be forever immortalized as the sultry singer in Mr. D’s Tip Top Tavern, alluring nightspot of the unliving. “Sell My Soul” is featured on the Harper Collins website. The book has already been optioned for TV. Marr and Jill Tracy are discussing future collaborations.


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