“It’s the breath, the spaces between the notes and the arrangements that make the music come alive. The Soul lives in the silence…” JILL TRACY

Jill Tracy’s music has been featured in both film and television, including CBS hit show Navy NCIS, PBS, ION Network, NBC-TV; feature films In the Wake, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Heavy Put-Away (Jill Tracy also performs in the film,) The Devil’s Muse (an homage to Elizabeth Short, The Black Dahlia,) and the award-winning surreal noir Ice Cream Ants.

Jill Tracy also stars as the film’s sinister seductress, alongside Marcus Ashley and the legendary Tom Noonan.

Her tune “Sell My Soul” was named official song for New York Times best-selling author Melissa Marr’s novel Graveminder; and “Haunted by the Thought of You” named on Marr’s playlist for her Wicked Lovely series.



PHOTO: Jill Tracy turns into a mannequin in the surreal noir Ice Cream Ants.
Directed by Jeremy Carr.




“With an affinity for darkness, but with melodic forms that express twisted romance, Jill Tracy evokes soundtracks by Bernard Hermann (the accomplice of Alfred Hitchcock) and songs that move with shivery cinematic suspense, amidst tales of lost grandeur. Works of languid beauty…Exquisite.”

Jill Tracy has scored a variety of award-winning independent films and live cinema presentations, including projects with the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, Film Noir Foundation, Hollywood Film Noir Festival, Performing Arts Library and Museum, Noir City Film Festival, Crutch Films, FOX Searchlight, and more.

Debuting in 1999, Jill Tracy and The Malcontent Orchestra’s original score to F.W. Murnau’s vampire classic Nosferatu toured northern California for 5 years during Halloween season to manic sell-out crowds. Selections from the score were released as the 2002 CD Into the Land of Phantoms.

Jill Tracy at the helm, conjuring Count Orlok. (photo by Jon Bradford)


“exquisite, lush, and positively poetic” SF WEEKLY

“Jill Tracy has created the definitive score to Nosferatu”

“I saw Nosferatu at the Red Vic during a performance by Jill Tracy and the Malcontent Orchestra and I consider it one of the great experiences of my life. The recorded performance on Into the Land of Phantoms stands on its own as an aural visual masterpiece. Listen to the pages turning in “the Book of the Vampires.” Watch Renfield roll his eyes and grin in “Renfield concocts a scheme.” Overall, a delightfully macabre and incredibly subtle performance. This is the real Goth music, as in Baudelaire, Lon Chaney, and Boris Karloff. Wonderfully, exquisitely creepy.”
ED FIELDS, CD Baby editors pick


PRAISE FOR IL FUOCO (Collaboration with UK composer Stephen Horne, at the 2011 San Francisco Silent Film Festival)

“The score by Stephen Horne and Jill Tracy…is like an Ennio Morricone score for a giallo: erotic, threatening, haunting, the siren call of a sexual predator who devours and abandons her prey. A perfect evocation of the drama playing out onscreen.” SLANT Magazine

“Dark sexuality…The musical accompaniment fit the film quite well; Stephen Horne was at it again, doing what he does best. With him, though, was Jill Tracy, adding a vocal splash of eroticism as Menichelli’s theme, which was utterly poignant and fit perfectly, especially when her throaty voice continued to echo in the main character’s mind in the end.” FILMBALAYA

“Jill Tracy is the Queen of taking her listeners into another realm.”



Bill Domonkos’ short film The Fine Art of Poisoning, (set to Jill Tracy’s seminal song) has become a cult sensation, garnering praise from Clive Barker, Guy Maddin, writer Warren Ellis, and well-over 100,000 views on YouTube, multiple international film festival awards, and a recent screening at London’s famed National Gallery. The Fine Art of Poisoning was just acquired by FEARnet to be featured on their TV and web programming premiering in 2012.

Hailed extraordinary and sublime” by the Boston Globe, Domonkos’ complex chiaroscuro style marks a marriage between silent-era special effects master George Méliès and the digital age.

Domonkos’ new surreal short NERVOUS96 invokes an intense juxtapose of disconnect and emotion, there is next to no dialogue. The film is solely driven by the music.

Domonkos was completely inspired by pianist Jill Tracy and violinist Paul Mercer’s Musical Séance, a poignant live project that employs the duo’s astonishing channeled improvisations. Domonkos meticulously crafted excerpts from actual séance recordings to create the emotional voice of the NERVOUS96 character–a woman lonely, and lost, in a world overrun with technology. This seamless integration of film and music in NERVOUS96 casts quite a powerful spell, embodying the spellbinding spirit of classic suspense and science fiction.


from SEPIACHORD interview with JILL TRACY:
“It was a watershed when I discovered the classic horror/film noir composers as a child. Bernard Herrmann’s scores to Alfred Hitchcock films, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Franz Waxman, Hans J. Salter, among others. It was pure magic to me- the MUSIC completely dictated the emotion of whatever it was you were watching. It was utterly subliminal, primal.

I wanted to figure out how to conjure dark and enchanting imaginary worlds of my own.
Not to mention the dreamlike, mysterious, sensual look to those films. The dangerous romance, the unsettling camera angles, and surreal lighting. An ideal marriage of the elegant and the sinister. I just wanted to live in those worlds. They seemed perfect to me. They still do.”


Jill Tracy owns copyright and publishing to all her works. So, it’s quick one-stop approval.
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