Jill Tracy has collaborated with a vast array of iconic artists—including award-winning filmmaker Bill Domonkos, David J (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets), author Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket), Thrillpeddlers Grand Guignol,  theremin virtuoso Armen Ra, author/historian Mel Gordon (Voluptuous Panic), Film Noir Foundation founder Eddie Muller,  UK filmscore composer Stephen Horne, Edwardian Ball, Atlanta’s The Ghosts Project, Percy Howard’s Meridiem (featuring Vernon Reid, Bill Laswell and Jarboe), Tuvan throat singer Soriah, mentalist Bob Taxin,  Vau de Vire Society, and her acclaimed traveling spirit show,  A Musical Seance
with cult violinist Paul Mercer.

David J (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets) and Jill Tracy onstage in Hollywood. (photo: tourbuslive)

Author/musician Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) with Jill Tracy at San Francisco’s  famed City Lights Books, after their duet performance at The Fantômas Centenary. (photo by Audrey Penven)

Thrillpeddlers have been performing authentic Grand Guignol horror plays, Theatre of the Ridiculous, and lights-out spookshows in San Francisco for nearly 20 years, and recognized at the forefront of Grand Guignol performance today.

Alongside Thrillpeddlers founder/director Russ Blackwood and Film Noir Foundation’s Eddie Muller, Jill Tracy was a founder of The Hypnodrome theatre in San Francisco in 2004. Her debut as leading lady, “Welcome to the Hypnodrome”  had a four-month sell out run.

With a fondness for Grand Guignol, (the classic Parisian horror theatre 1897-1962) Jill Tracy has starred in a variety of plays, and continues to produce events at The Hypnodrome occasionally  between her musical tours and other projects.

“There is nothing like the catharsis of letting yourself be truly afraid, vulnerable- and scream onstage in front of an audience,” JILL TRACY

Her theatrical roles with Thrillpeddlers have allowed Jill Tracy many gruesome and odd adventures onstage including: being devoured alive by a savage wolf-boy, jumping off a Parisian balcony while singing Tosca, being hypnotized by a madman, locked in an ivory tower, brainwashing convicts as an evil prison guard, transforming into a ghostly apparition, returning from the dead after being killed in a violent train crash… The list goes on!

ABOVE: Debut poster for The Hypnodrome (photo by Jim Ferreira)

LEFT: Jill Tracy under a spell by mad hypnotist (Brian Raffi) in “Murder of the Will.” (Photo by David Allen)

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